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The service is performed by technician who is well trained to treat different types of upholstery.

Depending on the material which can be synthetic/mixed or delicate/natural

We can offer you two methods of cleaning: 


The cleaning will be performed by technician who will use the hot water extraction machine in order to remove all of the general dirt and of course if there are any particular stains we will do our best to remove them!

The whole procedure is the same as the carpet cleaning described above.

The technician will inspect the material of the upholstery in order to advise you which will be the most suitable and effective method of cleaning. Please, trust us we have great experience! 


-with special powder

The upholstery will be treated with delicate powder which will make the dirt hidden inside to attach to the powder and the professional will remove it by hoovering in the end.

 -with special solvent

In this case there is no need of water at all 

The solvent is made to contact with the dirt on microscopic level and does not contain water. The solvent has to be applied gently, will remain for a few minutes and then will be vacuumed precisely. That is all! The magic is done!

The furniture will be left fresh, clean and smelling nice!

WARNING: This method is not able to remove any stains. 

LEATHER UPHOLSTERY is also treated with special solvent which does not contain any water. 

The detergent is sprayed on cotton cloth and then wiped gently on the leather upholstery. 

Please notice if the leather is covered with stains, this means the leather is already damaged.


2 Seated Sofa£35.00 per item
3 Seated Sofa£45.00 per item
4 Seated Sofa£60.00 per item
5 Seated Sofa£75.00 per item
Armchair£30.00 per item
Dining Chair£12.00 per item

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2 Seated Sofa £35.00
3 Seated Sofa £45.00
4 Seated Sofa £60.00
5 Seated Sofa £75.00
Armchair £30.00
Dining Chair £12.00
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