Natural parquet is made of solid wood. If you choose this type of flooring, you reap the full benefits of real wood. With its natural patterns, it brings coziness and warmth in your home. Moreover, this flooring has good thermal insulation properties and long life.

However, to keep it in excellent condition, you need to take special care of it.

What is the process of sanding?

Sanding on regular basis is essential to preserving its good appearance.


Remove the dirty old cover and align the individual parquet floors.


remove the remaining scratches from the rough parquet scratches with intermediate grinding and remove the clean shavings required for grouting. The joints will be filled. This is done by mixing the clean shavings with a special resin. The resulting mixture will be put in the joints.

STEP 3 Final grinding

Before finishing the sanding and moving on to varnishing, our teams polish the surface with a professional disc machine. Then the flooring is thoroughly cleaned.

If you request we can do also one final step which will complete the masterpiece

Applying the lacquer on the floor

It is obligatory after the sanding service to finish the procedure with its varnishing.

Varnish is what seals and retains the perfect appearance of your flooring for a long time. Our teams apply 3 coats of varnish for a high degree of durability by mattifying the flooring, intermediate grinding is made after the application of each coat of varnish.

We present the stages of varnishing:

After it has worn out, the flooring is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and ready for varnishing. First-hand varnish application has the role of sealing layer and a base. Intermediate sanding of the parquet flooring - after waiting for the first hand of the varnish to dry (between 15 and 30 minutes) the surface is sanded by hand with a special sandpaper. This is done to remove the flooring. Second hand lacquer - makes the surface layer of the flooring. The application of the third hand varnish is made at least 12 hours after the previous hand varnish. It must be applied to beech parquet and pinewood, because their wood is more porous and absorbs more (in case of beech wood - uneven). In the case of oak parquet and other materials with higher hardness, a third lacquer is recommended but not required. It is made to have another protective layer of lacquer and therefore to extend the life of the floor.

Before applying the third hand varnishing, grinding with professional sandpaper is done again.

And that is it (: enjoy the shining and new looking floor!

We would like to remind you our company has built great experience in the sanding service. This kind of service is very specific and cannot be done by someone without the right skills and the long-term trainings.

So here we are, all of our technicians are dedicated to this job and do it with passion. They will be as much as you happy to see the final result.

  • High quality finishing with lacquering and varnishing.
  • The lacquering is performed with professional machines completely dust-free in order to remove completely the old varnish, paint, etc.
  • We will make the surface smooth and the discoloration will be regulated.
  • Cycling and varnishing can be done by one, two or three hands, depending on your desire.
  • We work dust-free, we also have a disk machine.It works with a fine sand and removes all scratches.The parquet is one of the best and quality coatings .The sanding procedure retains all qualities of the wooden floor.

We also offer our customers

  • grouting / grouting is done before the grinding of the parquet /
  • coating / this is done only with special, completely harmless parquet lacquers only after the previous coat of lacquer has dried /
  • streams / should have a flat and well-dried screed with the parquet glued on it /
  • installation of skirting boards
  • wooden floor
  • placement of laminate
  • arranging
  • transitional strips
  • faster drying harmless puddles and many others.

Sanding services:

  1. Natural parquet
  2. Solid wood
  3. Benefits of real wood
  4. Thermal insulation
  5. Floor Grinding
  6. Lacquering and varnishing
  7. installation of skirting boards


Sanding£65.00 per hour

Book a service £65.00

Add additional services

Carpet cleaning

Single Bedroom £30.00
Double Bedroom £35.00
Living Room £45.00
Bathroom/Toilet £10.00
Flight of stairs £35.00
Landing £10.00
Hallway £20.00
Small Rug £20.00
Big Rug £35.00
commercial sq. meter £3.00
Upholstery cleaning

2 Seated Sofa £35.00
3 Seated Sofa £45.00
4 Seated Sofa £60.00
5 Seated Sofa £75.00
Armchair £30.00
Dining Chair £12.00
Mattress cleaning

Single Mattress £30.00
Single Mattress £30.00
Double Mattress £40.00
Headboard £20.00
Short Curtains £25.00
Long Curtains £35.00
Electrician service
Electrician service £110.00
Plumbing service
Plumbing service £80.00
Flooring £65.00
Re-sealing £65.00
Painting service
Painting service £65.00
Carpentry £65.00
Installation of appliances
Installation/Repair of appliances £90.00
Furniture assembly
Furniture assembly £90.00