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According to psychologists’ research and experiments colors affect our brains in different aspects.

If we stare at red color – we might get more aggressive and have some extra energy after that. If we look at green color – this will relax our mind and we will become calmer.

That is why we need to perceive the painting in our home not only as decoration part but also as part of our mood because it reflects on it for sure even if we do not feel it, it is subconscious process.

The painting job is something we consider as piece of cake and we sometimes dare to do it by ourselves but we recommend the service to be done by professional painters because they will pay attention on the details and will reach highest standard – simply perfection!

All of our painters are trained for long period of time how to perform each step of the service. If you want brilliant coverage, saturated color and no strias.

Be assured we will protect the details in the rooms such as sockets, fittings, fixtures, frames of pictures by removing them from the walls.

The floor surface will be protected with special covers.

The furniture will be put in another place while the service is performed.

We will apply special primer so if there are any gaps on the walls they will be filled and the paint will be applied easily and will have smooth look.

The service includes plastering which can be done with different techniques – standard one or modern. It will be discussed with you prior the service.

There will be NO mess left after the service and everything will be returned on the original place where it was.

Let’s talk about the other decoration services we offer.

We can enter the property and do all of the renovating job starting from flooring and finishing with hanging your new mirrors or pictures.

Our staff have long experience from the past and completed many in-home projects.

We have heard hundreds of customer stories about dishonest companies that do more damage than contribute to the good looks of clients' homes. Therefore, we will describe step by step our extremely precise and successful painting method in our company:


First step - We will arrange a day and time convenient for you. Before we start, we will move the furniture in the middle of the room. Everything is then covered with nylon to protect it. We do not forget to cover the floor as well!

Step Two - Holes and cracks in the walls and ceiling are filled. Before applying the primer, the surface must be washed.

Step Three - Once we are convinced that the surface is smooth, we begin the real painting. We apply several hands of paint according to the contract, but not less than two! The corners and ceilings are always cut by thread, and the materials we use are of the highest quality.

Step Four - After the paint is dry, we remove the nylons from the floor and the furniture. We sweep the floor hard and collect all the junk we have made. Let's take a last look at whether the paint has been well coated and if necessary apply an extra layer of latex in problem areas.

Painting services:

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Painting service£65.00 per hour

Book a service £65.00

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