Premium stone ltd

Company history

  • Founded in 2017
  • Specialized in processing natural limestone and producing high-quality limestone offerings
  • An ambitious and dedicated young team of professionals iwth high levels of expertise and motivation
  • Focus on premium quality through continuous technological improvement, introduction of process inovations and skill enhancement of employees

Main characteristics of Vratsa limestone

  • Renowned on the Bulgarian and International Markets for its unique quality and weather-resistance (the best limestone in terms of strength and frost resistance)
  • Characterized by its resilience, ease of maintenance and functionality
  • Unique aesthetic appearance (different surfaces and colours)
  • High versatility of use (excellent choice for both exterior facades and decorations and interior solutions)

Physical & mechanical properties

  1. Density - 2.28*103 kg/m3
  2. Permeability - 3.95%
  3. Compressive Strength in air-dry condition - 82 Mpa
  4. Compressive Strength in water saturated condition - 85.8 Mpa
  5. Compressive Strength after 25 times freeze cycle - 87.6MPa
  6. Tensile Strength = 10.8 Mpa
  7. Frost Resistance Coefficient - 1.07

Products and activities

  • Slabs with different thickness and surface
  • Tiles
  • Stairs
  • Window sills
  • Random Lengths
  • Diverse surface finishes (antiqued, polished, split-faced, honed, hush-hammered etc.) depending on the specifications of the client

Products (Tiles&Slabs)

The Creamy Limestone has a very pleasant creamy-coloured base. Really durable type of limestone, appropriate for various uses - exteriror and interior paving and cladding, staircases, balustrades and columns. The Creamy Limestone is a preferred type of limestone by masons and artisans, as it is easily processed.

The Tiger Limestone derives its name from the quartz spots visible on the surface of the stone. With the passage of time, the quartz spots fade. Extremely strong type of limestone, recommended for paving zones with high traffic density and the creation of stairs. It is also suitable for all interior and exterior usage like wall cladding, masonry, bathroom tiles, sinks and kitchen countertops, etc.

Vratsa Claro Limestone is characterized by a creamy colour, with some small manganese spots evident in some blocks. Vratsa Claro is the clearest of all Vratza Limestone types. It is physically more durable than most types of limestone therefore it is used widely for paving, cladding and other limestone products. Widely utilized for paving slabs, tiles, flags, bathroom sinks, kitchen countertops, etc.

Creamy Vratza Limestone is a light creamy coloured type of Vratza Limestone with darker and lighter yellow, orange or white stripes. It is a strong material and can be used for paving, cladding and various uses for the interior and exterior. Because of its extremely low water absorption, it is the best choise for your bathroom.

Vratza Goldie Limestone is a type of Vratza Limestone with darker yellow (or orange) colour.
The Goldie Limestone is an extremely durable material and can be used for garden paving slabs, patio slabs, wall cladding and other kinds of interior and exterior solutions. Retains a natural polish and aesthetic appearance throughout the course of time.

The Mesmerise Limestone is a very aesthetic pleasing limestone with blending fladers of white, yellow and orange. Ideal for any external or internal use. Excellent thermal conductivity and a vast heat storage capacity.

The major purpose of the split-face finish is to place an emphasis on the natural quarry texture of the stone and it is the perfect choice for both exterior and interior use.

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