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Assembly and installation of all types of furniture (kitchen furniture, children's, sections, bedrooms, desks, beds, wardrobes, etc.) 

Most of the furniture comes completely disassembled in flat packs and it takes a long time to assemble them, especially if the assembler has no experience. Sometimes multiple assembly and disassembly is required. Here is when we come and take care.

Please note that our employees are required, after assembly, to place the items in a location specified by the customer and clean after them, discarding any packaging left over from the furniture.

You can combine the service with move-in cleaning or removal service

Rest assured all of our technicians have passed through several trainings and they perfectly know how to deal with any kinds of furniture from different brands.

Even if your husband friend or a neighbor is familiar with this job and would like to give you a hand, we strongly recommend to choose professional company instead of unprofessional assistance because during the assembly the furniture might be damaged if the instructions are not followed strictly. Our technicians have faced different items in the past and even if they are not provided with instructions, trust us – they can do anything!

 Also for this kind of job the most important you need is to be supplied with the right tools, we doubt your friend will be equipped like our technicians. All of our technicians bring with themselves tool boxes and other stuff which provide their job to go smoothly.

IMPORANT: If you need delivery to be organized as well it is absolutely fine , you can combine the services you want – delivery and assembly is very often package our customers book!

Even if you husband is able to do the assembly, leave the job to us so you can enjoy your free time with the family or friends and just come back after we finish to inspect the great  results!

Our assemblers have faced mostly with these brands:

  • IKEA
  • Dwell
  • Tesco
  • Harveys
  • Furniture 123

If the manufacturer of your new piece of furniture is not mentioned in the list, do not worry about it, we can handle it! Just contact us!

We appreciate your time so we want you to save it by booking us!

Assembly, installation of all types of furniture (kitchen furniture, children's, sections, bedrooms, desks, beds, wardrobes, etc.)

Installation of

  • wooden playgrounds
  • playhouses and slides.
  • Replacement of hinges, shock absorbers, handles, locking mechanisms, etc.
  • Installation and disassembly of installation appliances, ovens, hotplates, aspirators.

Conditions and important tips for trouble-free installation services:

  • provided access to the site at the agreed time and availability of electricity.
  • The room in which the installation is to be carried out must be cleaned with construction work completed.
  • Presence of faucets on the water pipes
  • Provided air ducts and adapters, according to the openings of the chimney and the suction hood by the client, except in the cases when the listed consumables are ordered under this Contract.

Without a previously provided scheme for plumbing, electrical and gas installations, the installer and the designer are NOT responsible for any damage caused to them during the installation of the kitchen.

The installer is provided with consumables regarding the mounting of the modules.

Construction and repair work, preparation of walls and installations for connection of the relevant appliances are NOT subject to this installation. The preparation of the premises is a preliminary activity, and is at the expense of the client, according to a scheme attached to the Approved project under this Contract.

Upon finding, on the day of installation, for unfulfilled requirements for plumbing and electrical installations by the client, ENIKOM - M reserves the right to postpone the entire installation of the kitchen or by entering in the Installation Protocol, to describe explicitly what services are not done.

In case the connection of the sink and the appliances to the water supply and sewerage system has not been carried out by ENICOM - M specialists, the company is not responsible for defects (swollen cabinets) caused by incorrect installation by third parties.

* All prices include VAT.


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Furniture assembly£90.00 per hour

Book a service £90.00

Add additional services

Carpet cleaning

Single Bedroom £30.00
Double Bedroom £35.00
Living Room £45.00
Bathroom/Toilet £10.00
Flight of stairs £35.00
Landing £10.00
Hallway £20.00
Small Rug £20.00
Big Rug £35.00
commercial sq. meter £3.00
Upholstery cleaning

2 Seated Sofa £35.00
3 Seated Sofa £45.00
4 Seated Sofa £60.00
5 Seated Sofa £75.00
Armchair £30.00
Dining Chair £12.00
Mattress cleaning

Single Mattress £30.00
Single Mattress £30.00
Double Mattress £40.00
Headboard £20.00
Short Curtains £25.00
Long Curtains £35.00
Electrician service
Electrician service £110.00
Plumbing service
Plumbing service £80.00
Flooring £65.00
Re-sealing £65.00
Painting service
Painting service £65.00
Carpentry £65.00
Sanding £65.00
Installation of appliances
Installation/Repair of appliances £90.00