(wood floor construction or laminate installation)

Our qualified specialists offer a comprehensive design service - consulting, transportation, design and implementation of different types of floor.

Depending on your needs budget and taste you have the two options to choose between engineered wood floor or laminated one. You can have specialist to do the flooring you want, but you can also use the help of a qualified adviser in every step from choosing your flooring and installing it to maintenance.

Your call is a step towards the most honest company and the best quality from the market leaders.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages and we would like to make you familiar with some of them:


  1. the cost price - as it is lower that the wooden floor this gives us an opportunity to change it more often if we would like.
  2. The installation procedure of the laminated floor takes less time than building the wooden floor.
  3. The upper ply of the laminated floor has higher level of resistance to scratches rather than the lacquered surface of the wooden floor.
  4. The dismantling of the lamented floor takes less time
  5. The laminated floor is easier for cleaning and maintaining it does not need any sanding
  6. Although it is not real wood - nowadays there are many kinds of models and colours so you can choose such which will look like wooden

Advantages of wooden floor:

  1. The wooden floor has the best isolation function. It keep the warm not to go through it.If the wooden floor is well-maintained it will last much longer than the laminated one. The real wood has better specifics as it is natural material.
  2. the wooden floor always leave warm feeling and make the room cosy
  3. the feeling when you step with barefoot is uncomparable with the laminated floor especially if the wood is bamboo for example.
  4. The boards can be grounded in different way/order

Be informed if you choose our company to do the building job in your house, you will receive lower price for the afterbuilding cleaning service.


If you choose the wooden floor you should know we can offer you two types.

  • Standard size of the boards - width of the boards from 4 sm to 10 sm
  • Big size of the boards - width of the boards more than 12 sm suitable for bigger rooms (More than 30m2) the floor consists of long straight boards, mainly oak or pine. It is the oldest and traditional natural wood flooring

The floor boards can be put in different order and this is always decided by the customer we can only give you advice.

Parquet installation process

  • preparation of cement - grinding, dusting, laying a waterproofing primer two layers
  • arranging parquet with gluing to the screed
  • cycling
  • full grouting
  • grinding and polishing with a three-disk machine
  • Finishing the wood with oil, stain or triple varnishing with pre-selected varnish - satin, gloss, mat.

Types of wooden boards patterns

H - pattern or Brick pattern

Asymmetrical pattern

Diagonally pattern - To create a diagonal pattern, it is necessary to arrange the floorboards parallel to each other at an angle of 45 degrees (or similar) to the walls of the room. The diagonal arrangement of the flooring will make the room look larger because the visual focus will shift from the walls to the corners of the room. That is why this natural parquet flooring technique is an excellent solution for smaller rooms and rooms.

Chevron - For Hungarian fish bone, the left and right parquet boards are pre-cut at an angle of 45 degrees (or similar), resulting in continuous (perfect) zigzag, and further straight lines are formed, which give a clean, an extremely modern and contemporary look of the interior.

Basket Weave - With this type of pattern, the natural flooring is mounted / positioned so as to create the visual illusion that the floorboards intertwine (pass below and above the adjacent parquet boards).

Dutch pattern - The Dutch pattern consists of three parquet boards that are arranged parallel to each other in length, followed by a fourth parquet board perpendicular to the first three.

Fish bone pattern - In fishbone, the floorboards are arranged perpendicular to each other, resulting in the so-called. broken or broken zigzag. If you stop at the fish bone, you can choose from single, double, triple and quadruple fish bone. Fish bone can also be arranged diagonally.

Our technicians are able to take care of anything you wish in order to make your kitchen or bathroom look like those in the magazines.

Flooring services

  1. Floor construction
  2. Floor installation
  3. Laminated floor
  4. Fixing floor / Repair floor
  5. Isolation function
  6. New floor / changing the floor


  1. Wooden floor
  2. Parquet installation
  3. Full grouting
  4. New floor
  5. Wooden boards patterns


Flooring£65.00 per hour

Book a service £65.00

Add additional services

Carpet cleaning

Single Bedroom £30.00
Double Bedroom £35.00
Living Room £45.00
Bathroom/Toilet £10.00
Flight of stairs £35.00
Landing £10.00
Hallway £20.00
Small Rug £20.00
Big Rug £35.00
commercial sq. meter £3.00
Upholstery cleaning

2 Seated Sofa £35.00
3 Seated Sofa £45.00
4 Seated Sofa £60.00
5 Seated Sofa £75.00
Armchair £30.00
Dining Chair £12.00
Mattress cleaning

Single Mattress £30.00
Single Mattress £30.00
Double Mattress £40.00
Headboard £20.00
Short Curtains £25.00
Long Curtains £35.00
Electrician service
Electrician service £110.00
Plumbing service
Plumbing service £80.00
Re-sealing £65.00
Painting service
Painting service £65.00
Carpentry £65.00
Sanding £65.00
Installation of appliances
Installation/Repair of appliances £90.00
Furniture assembly
Furniture assembly £90.00