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If you need any electrical installation at your property we are sure you want someone well qualified to take care of them.

Even if you require only diagnostic of your wiring system – feel free to call us we will be more than happy to assist you with anything.

All of our electricians are

  • Trained by the best electricians and have passed through several tests before we send them to your home
  • NICEIC-certified
  • registered and approved by the government
  • combination of low price and high quality
  • flexible availability
  • guarantee for professional performance
  • further assistance if needed

We are also able to perform for you many other services so you can combine them and get the best price

The qualified and certified electricians are able to handle all domestic electrical problems that you might be experiencing. From simple installations to meticulous rewiring and repairs, you can always count on him to get the job done. Each expert is fully insured and performs his duties according to the latest electrical regulations. All services done by the licensed electricians are backed with а 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Even If you need something simple to be done – leave it in our hands ,even if you can do it by yourself  we recommend this type of job to be left in professional hands, this will assure you safe and best results, and also you can enjoy your time while we are performing the service for you.

On the other side if you want to give us complicated and risky project – feel comfortable to leave it to us!

We are confident to take care of anything because of our long experience full of different types of electrical jobs. Nothing can stop us to assist you!

The electrician will bring everything needed for the job, the equipment and all of the tools we use are the best on the market.

He will arrive with a van full of tool boxes, different kinds of ladders and of course his impressive skills!

The electricians are positive and available for to answer your questions if you have such or if they occur during the service.

If the questions are related with the job itself, they will be the best to explain everything but If you have questions related with the service generally or the booking – you can discuss it with the office as well.

If you manage a hotel or restaurant or any type of corporate property and need installation to be done or anything to be checked/maintained – we are right here waiting for your call so together we will solve anything!

If you need electrician urgently – do not hesitate to contact us as we can react quickly in such situations as well coming to you as soon as possible to solve the problem.

Power disconnection (outage) , restoring the power supply after lightning strike, burning long or short wires, sockets issues are very often experienced so be assured the job will be done with the highest quality because this is a routine for our electricians

Each of our electricians attend on courses regularly so they improve their skills even when they are not at work.

Electrician services:

  1. Electrical problems
  2. Best electrician
  3. Local electrician
  4. Power supply
  5. Power disconnection


Electrician service£110.00 per hour

Book a service £110.00

Add additional services

Carpet cleaning

Single Bedroom £30.00
Double Bedroom £35.00
Living Room £45.00
Bathroom/Toilet £10.00
Flight of stairs £35.00
Landing £10.00
Hallway £20.00
Small Rug £20.00
Big Rug £35.00
commercial sq. meter £3.00
Upholstery cleaning

2 Seated Sofa £35.00
3 Seated Sofa £45.00
4 Seated Sofa £60.00
5 Seated Sofa £75.00
Armchair £30.00
Dining Chair £12.00
Mattress cleaning

Single Mattress £30.00
Single Mattress £30.00
Double Mattress £40.00
Headboard £20.00
Short Curtains £25.00
Long Curtains £35.00
Plumbing service
Plumbing service £80.00
Flooring £65.00
Re-sealing £65.00
Painting service
Painting service £65.00
Carpentry £65.00
Sanding £65.00
Installation of appliances
Installation/Repair of appliances £90.00
Furniture assembly
Furniture assembly £90.00